Alaa Senjab

Machine Learning | Computer Vision

Real Time Weapon Detection

Aimed to minimize police response time by detecting weapons in a live cctv camera. This model also works on images and videos.
The main motivation of this project is due to the increasing number of school mass shootings in the U.S.

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Real Time Coronavirus
Under development 

Scraping data from seven different sources to create a few heatmaps; China, U.S, and the world.
In progress: A few graphs, virus-spread timeline, and a prediction model will be added soon.

Reddit Topic Analysis

Scrapped 1.6M Reddit posts to create a model that classifies sad/angry posts vs suicidal/depressed posts. Used Logistic regression, mixed and ensemble modeling to get a classification accuracy of 82%. This project was made as an approach to reduce suicide rate by identifying depressed users and offering them help.

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Amis_house 2
Predicting House Prices in Ames Iowa

Used a variety of regression models to predict house prices at Ames, Iowa between 2006 and 2010. The process includes intensive hyperparameters-tuning and data visualizations. Placed #1 in the Kaggle competition with the most accurate prediction.

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Tools I Love Using

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Data Science Immersive Graduate

General Assembly

Applied Machine learning and data analysis on big data in a 500 hour immersive course

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Technical Installer

Baltimore County Public Schools

Communicated with teachers and staff to find their software needs and assisted them with cloud services, VPNs, and  many other technologies.

Peer Leader

Howard Community College

Led Cisco networking classes, mentored fellow students and held open office hours.

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Innovation Internship

Howard Community College

Taught cryptography and stenography to high school students. Designed and built five 3D-printed drones.

Education & Certifications

Aug 2016
May 2018

A.S. Cyber Security

Howard Community College
Dean’s list 2017/2018

B.S Computer Science

Towson University
Cyber Security and Math Program

Aug 2018
May 2020

GA1107 4

About Me

I left my country in 2012 looking for a safer place to call home. I traveled around Europe, the Middle East, and Asia before settling in the United States.
My curiosity and passion for learning led me to pursue a career in Cyber Security and Data Science, particularly projects related to machine learning and neural networks. When not coding, I enjoy the outdoors by sprinting, hiking, and camping. You can beat me in everything but probably not in sprinting :)
I am eager to expand my knowledge in deep learning and computer vision. If you think we can collaborate, please connect with me!